For Window & Door Frames Over Wooden Frames, Aluminium & PVC
Steel Section Frames
Very Cheap easily accessible by common man
Fabrication cost much less.
No recurring expenditure: Little maintenance
No effects of weather & moisture
Easily withstands fire hazards
Very high Strength can with stand heavy loads hence can be used in bigger windows/ doors.
Use of steel ensures preservation of Forests & jungles thereby protection of environment and our own existence.
Long Life
Wooden Section Frames
Too costly & beyond common Man's reach.
Additional cost for fitting carpentry, polishing & finishing very high.
Involves recurring expenditure for maintenance.
Susceptible to effects of weather and moisture resulting in deformity shrinking, twisting & warping.
Fire completely destroys.
Is eaten away by termite, white ants & rats.
Continuous use fast eliminating trees destroying natural heritage polluting environments so vitally needed for human survival.
Durability & strength: Average
Aluminium Section Frames
Very costly as compared to steel sections.
Durability & strength is average.
No repairs possible.
No flexibility in designs.
Due to low melting point of aluminium fire resistivity is poor.
PVC Section Frames
Durability & strength is very poor.
Repairs not possible at all.
Cannot be recycled, a big environmental hazard.
Available in standard sizes only so no design flexibility.
Cannot withstand fire at all.
Due to low strength cannot be used in bigger windows/ doors.